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Assembly, dismantlement and rental of Bailey bridges

Sixty year old
family business

30 years' experience in BAILEY bridges.
For demolition and construction work, earthworks, use temporary bridges, access ramps or bridges/walkways, for the passage of heavy machinery, trucks, articulated lorries, mobile cranes, dumper trucks, etc ... Bailey Bridges make moving heavy plants considerably easier …

Tous Travaux signs a historic partnership with the world leader Waagner Biro, the Austrian specialist in bridges for 160 years.

Tous Travaux partner of Waagner Biro

Panel Bridges

Un standard solution that sets standards

Some types of Waagner-Biro bridges are impressive due to their sheer looks. They include sophisticated architectural bridges no less than monumental suspension bridges.

Other types of bridges are fascinating on account of their functionality. This category applies to Waagner-Biro panel bridges. The usefulness of this type of bridge makes an impressive argument.

Bailey Bridges

Simple-simple section
Double-simple section
Triple-simple section
Double-double section
Triple-double section

They trust us

Bouygues Construction
Demathieu Bard Construction
Vinci Construction
Rental of Bailey bridges, temporary bridges, platforms, ramps and pedestrian crossings.

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